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We provide a customized service to help assure that the lifestyle you enjoy and the business you built can stay in place for as long as you desire.

Personal Planning

We incorporate personal planning into the business planning conversations. We are your “total wealth manager”, meaning that we assist you with managing your liquid wealth and your illiquid wealth, the wealth trapped in your business.

Identify Value Gap

We help you identify your “value gap”. This is the difference between what you receive for your business net of taxes and fees, and what you need to support your current lifestyle.

Professional Team

We work with your existing professionals and have also identified other specialized professionals that we call on when needed.


Transitioning Your Business

Our Six Step Process

  • Can be 30-40% of the exit planning engagement
  • Focus is entirely on what you are trying to achieve with your exit
  • Utilize our Discovery meeting
  • Are you financially and mentally ready to exit?
  • Complete a survey provided.
  • Foundation for organizing your exit strategy.
  • Well-off but choose to work
  • Rich & Ready to Go
  • Stay & Grow
  • Get me out at the Highest Price
  • Sale of the Business
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOPs)
  • Private Equity Group Recapitalization
  • Management Buyouts
  • Gifting programs
  • Dependent upon the type of transfer being considered
  • Privately-held businesses have a number of different values at any point in time
  • Learn the difference in value between an Internal Transfer and External Transfer
  • Three different values:
    • Fair Market Value
    • Investment Value
    • Synergy Value
  • Create a team of professionals to execute your strategy
  • Hire a “quarterback” to guide the team