Make Smarter Decisions about Your Money.
Gain Greater Influence over Your Business & Life.

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Wealth Management for Business Owners

We give successful business owners their time back by simplifying the complexity around their business and helping them make smart decisions around their money.

Helping business owners make smart decisions about their money is what we do.

Freeing them to have the level of influence they are truly capable of is who we are.

With the right guidance and resources, you are capable of having a greater level of influence than you ever imagined- over your time, over the success of your business, and in the lives of those most important to you

Our Mission

Empowering families to be faithful stewards of their finances to achieve their life goals and leave an enduring legacy.

Our Vision

We believe that your level of influence over your business and life should not be hindered by the complexity of your finances.

Core Values

Inspiring people to envision a fulfilling life.
Empowering people to pursue their life goals.
 Reflecting God’s love and grace.


Identifying Gaps in Your Financial Plan

Our stress testing method along with our Second-Opinion Service analyzes your entire financial picture and provides fresh eyes on your wealth management plan; including wealth enhancement, wealth preservation, wealth transfer and charitable giving.

Through a two-meeting process, we’ll identify where you are today, where you want to go and the critical gaps you have in your financial plan.

We will evaluate whether your current advisors are effectively addressing your wealth management needs. If so, we recommend you stay with them.

If not, we will deliver specific ideas on better managing your money and plugging every gap in your plan. Either way, our goal is to point you in the direction of premier financial planning solutions for you to achieve your goals.

Meet Your Strategic Team

At Milestone Wealth, Dave Hunt and his team of professionals will guide you towards a path that will help you live the lifestyle you want to live. Let’s work together to create a financial blueprint for you to achieve your goals.

Milestone Wealth Resources


The True Influence Formula

With our True Influence Formula, we offer a holistic approach that is intended to help you to reach a heightened level of success in your wealth, in the flow of your business, and in the most meaningful parts of your life.

Influence over your time, your wealth, and your business.

Influence in your family, the causes that are important to you, and the legacy you leave behind.

Influence your focus is about helping you sit down, clear your mind, and get refocused on what you truly want to create in your business, life, family, and the causes most important to you. That way, we can build your plan from a place of clarity and shape your plan in a way that helps you achieve your goals.

The two areas that make up your plan are your Investment Plan and your Advanced Plan. Your investment plan is created to give you confidence that your plan is diversified and that your business and personal finances are not dependent on your business. Advanced planning proactively addresses financial concerns.

We help to make sure you have the right “who’s” in place so you don’t have to try to figure out the “how’s” that are taking time away from your most valuable areas of focus.

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