Make Smarter Decisions about Your Money.
Gain Greater Influence over Your Business & Life.

“We believe you are capable of a greater level of influence than you have ever imagined- over your time, over the success of your business, and in the lives and causes most important to you.”
- Dave Hunt, Wealth Manager


You’ve achieved success as a business owner.
But are you still overwhelmed or uncertain?

There is a greater level of influence you are capable of. With our True Influence Formula, we offer a holistic approach designed to help you reach a heightened level of success in your wealth, the flow of your business, and the most meaningful parts of your life.


Address the Gaps in Your Financial Plan and Help Influence Your Business for Good

At Milestone Wealth, we believe that True Influence is not just about business.

  • It’s being confident that you’re making the optimal decisions for your business wealth and your personal wealth.
  • It’s having the freedom to focus on what you love doing the most in your business.
  • It’s knowing that when you exit, you can choose the way that’s best for you.

Impacting the lives of those you love and the causes that are most important to you; THAT is the True Influence.

We can help you get there. We’ll help you identify the gaps in your current plan and show you what’s truly possible for every area of your wealth AND the optimal flow of your business.

Our Solution

The True Influence Formula

We then develop your individualized two-part plan:

Using our True Influence Formula, we begin with getting clear about what’s most important for your business, your wealth, your family, and the causes most important to you. 

  • An Investment Plan to build your nest egg outside of your business.
  • An Advanced Plan to address any gaps in your plan, including wealth enhancement, wealth protection, wealth transfer, and charitable giving.

Finally, we help put the right people in the right positions to help you succeed.

Whether you need financial specialists such as accountants or resources for hiring the right team members for your business, our goal is to help you optimize your time, your business, your wealth – your life.

Schedule a meeting today with a wealth manager to see how we can help you develop a plan with True Influence.

Meet Your Milestone Team

Hi, I’m Dave Hunt, founder of Milestone Wealth Management. When my clients first come to me, they often ask, “Dave, how do I know there isn’t something missing in my current financial plan and if I’m making the best decisions for my future?” As a business owner, I understand that challenge…

Milestone Wealth Financial Resources


Join Our Team: Client Concierge Position

Are you self-motivated, hard-working, and enjoy wearing many hats? Our Client Concierge position is a key role that sets the professional tone for our company with our clients, future clients, vendors, and community here in Greenville, NC. We are proud to offer: Competitive salary based upon experience – $50,000 – $65,000 Bonus opportunities Benefits package including medical and disability insurance 401k match of 6% Paid time off Great training Beautiful office environment Education Incentive Plan Responsibilities: Perform administrative duties and manage communication Create and maintain Standard Operating Procedures for office tasks and compliance Process checks, ACH requests, and wire transfers from clients Maintain client information through CRM Compile and analyze data to create/maintain records, reports, and PowerPoint presentations Event planning including arranging meeting space, food,and beverage, set up, and tear down Qualifications: High school diploma, some college preferred 2+ years of administrative experience required Excellent communication skills – upbeat and friendly Advanced skills in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook,PowerPoint) High levels of integrity and discernment Excellent organizational and time management skills Superior multi-tasking and follow-through abilities Team player Why Join Us? Our company believes that we are only as good as the people we employ. Join a company that values its employees and rewards them for a job well done! Our vision is to be the most successful independent wealth

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S&P Market Update & Recommendations

The S&P 500, the most commonly used benchmark for the markets, has hit a new high 30 times this year. Why is this? And what does this mean for individual investors like you? In this video, Dave shares his opinions and some opportunities to potentially take advantage of these market highs. Have questions about your portfolio or want to potentially take advantage of this opportunity? Please call us at 252-756-7005.

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Client Recipe: Strawberry Pie

In our recent Client Spotlight featuring Alice Hunt, mother of Milestone Wealth founder Dave Hunt, we mentioned she has enjoyed baking and cooking throughout her life. One of her family’s favorites is her Strawberry Pie. It’s a light, refreshing dessert that’s perfect for summertime gatherings. Enjoy! Shortbread Crust 1 cup flour 1 tbsp sugar 6 tbsp butter 1. Mix with fork and press into pie plate 2. Bake at 400° for 8-10 minutes Pie 1 1/2 cups water 1 cup sugar 1/4 cup corn starch 1 package strawberry Jell-O 2 tsp lemon juice 1 qt strawberries, sliced 1. Combine water, sugar, and corn starch in saucepan (or in a microwave-safe bowl) 2. Cook until clear, stirring occasionally (~6 minutes in microwave, stirring after 3 minutes) 3. Stir in Jell-O mix and lemon juice 4. Cool slightly, then fold in strawberries 5. Pour mixture into pie crust and refrigerate until chilled 6. Serve with ice cream or whipped cream and enjoy!

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Client Spotlight: Alice Hunt

Every client spotlight is special, but this edition features none other than Dave’s mom, Alice Hunt. Born in Minneapolis in 1937, Alice enjoyed the cold winters as a child. She fondly remembers ice skating with her older brother and sister on a nearby frozen pond. Alice’s mother stayed at home while her father worked in a WWII munitions plant. They had a comfortable upbringing, and she eventually attended Lutheran Bible College in Minneapolis. Upon graduation, she left Minnesota for a job in Illinois as a church secretary and youth worker. She planned youth events for eighty kids, which kept her very busy. At this church, she met her future husband, Bob. He was a farmer, and she was a city girl. As they say, opposites attract! Bob brought her out to the farm in Morris, Illinois, and asked her to identify the crops he was growing. She quickly recognized the corn but had never seen soybeans. Bob and Alice married in 1961, which began her time on the farm and a new way of life in the countryside. They had four boys, which was helpful since there was always work to do on the farm. Bob made sure the boys worked well together, including raising livestock for 4H and FFA. Dave was the second oldest of the four boys and

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Valuing Your Business: An Entrepreneurial Best Practice

Do you know, really know, what your business is worth? There’s a good chance that the answer is “no.” These days, many entrepreneurs are so focused on running their companies that they don’t have a good handle on big-picture issues like valuation. But even if you’re highly confident you know the number, a formal business valuation might be eye-opening. Obviously it makes sense to have a formal business valuation done if you’re planning to sell your business, or even if you’re just thinking about doing so in the coming years. Formal valuations are often very useful in helping all parties involved by providing, at the very least, a solid starting point for negotiations. However, you might want to value your business even if you have no intention of selling. That’s because a formal valuation can be an important step to take in many circumstances. For example, if you are looking for credit, determining the ownership percentages of partners or going through a divorce. Also, just because you’re not planning to sell doesn’t mean you won’t get unsolicited offers from potential buyers and if you do, it’s smart to be aware of your company’s valuation right from the start of those interactions. Regardless of why you have a valuation done, you might find that the end result surprises you. Is it

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Milestone Client Spotlight: Lawrence Behr

Lawrence Behr was born in New Jersey to a Mexican father and a Hudson River Dutch mom, providing a culturally blended household. His dad was in management for Dupont, and a career move led them to Greenville when Lawrence was 8 years old. His mother was an artist, gaining her Master’s in Fine Arts at ECU and later serving on the faculty. In 1956, Lawrence’s father sent him to Cuba at 13 to further his education and improve his Spanish. He took a train to Miami, befriending the conductor and learning about the engine. Then, he flew alone on Eastern Airlines to Havana. Fidel Castro’s move to power cut his trip short, but while Lawrence was in Cuba, he met the commander of a Cuban Navy electronics group who schooled him for two weeks in all things radio. It was at this point where Lawrence got the “bug.” He returned to the US and immersed himself in the world of radio. At 14, he became the youngest person ever to hold the highest-level license the FCC offered for broadcast engineers.   Lawrence’s first big break came at age 15 when ECU hired him to be the chief engineer at their FM radio station. While in high school, he audited college courses at ECU, including physics, science, and math. He also

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