Make Smarter Decisions about Your Money.
Gain Greater Influence over Your Business & Life.

“We believe you are capable of a greater level of influence than you have ever imagined- over your time, over the success of your business, and in the lives and causes most important to you.”
- Dave Hunt, Wealth Manager


You’ve achieved success as a business owner.
But are you still overwhelmed or uncertain?

There is a greater level of influence you are capable of. With our True Influence Formula, we offer a holistic approach designed to help you reach a heightened level of success in your wealth, the flow of your business, and the most meaningful parts of your life.


Address the Gaps in Your Financial Plan and Help Influence Your Business for Good

At Milestone Wealth, we believe that True Influence is not just about business.

  • It’s being confident that you’re making the optimal decisions for your business wealth and your personal wealth.
  • It’s having the freedom to focus on what you love doing the most in your business.
  • It’s knowing that when you exit, you can choose the way that’s best for you.

Impacting the lives of those you love and the causes that are most important to you; THAT is the True Influence.

We can help you get there. We’ll help you identify the gaps in your current plan and show you what’s truly possible for every area of your wealth AND the optimal flow of your business.

Our Solution

The True Influence Formula

We then develop your individualized two-part plan:

Using our True Influence Formula, we begin with getting clear about what’s most important for your business, your wealth, your family, and the causes most important to you. 

  • An Investment Plan to build your nest egg outside of your business.
  • An Advanced Plan to address any gaps in your plan, including wealth enhancement, wealth protection, wealth transfer, and charitable giving.
  • Finally, we help put the right people in the right positions to help you succeed. Whether you need financial specialists such as accountants or resources for hiring the right team members for your business, our goal is to help you optimize your time, your business, your wealth – your life. Schedule a meeting today to see how we can help you develop a plan with True Influence.

    Meet Your Milestone Team

    Hi, I’m Dave Hunt, founder of Milestone Wealth Management. When my clients first come to me, they often ask, “Dave, how do I know there isn’t something missing in my current plan and if I’m making the best decisions for my future?” As a business owner, I understand that challenge…

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