Second Opinion Service

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Gain Financial Planning Confidence with our Second Opinion Service

If you currently have a financial advisor, do you have rock solid confidence in your current plan?

  • Has your advisor done a stellar job of updating your plan based on the evolving circumstances of your life?
  • When you think about your finances, do you have total peace of mind or questions and concerns?
  • If you’d like fresh eyes on your financial situation, our Second Opinion Service will give you that.
After a Discovery meeting and an Investment Plan meeting, you’ll enjoy a detailed analysis (a $5,000 value) from our team of financial planning experts.

Your Second Opinion Findings will confirm one of three things:


You’re on the right track with your current advisor and plan.


You have minor gaps in your plan, and we can make brief recommendations.


You have major elements missing from your plan, and we or another firm we can recommend can help you bridge the gaps.

Ready to boost your confidence in your present financial situation and future financial path and confirm you are on the right track? Get in touch with us to below and get started!