We give successful business owners their time back by simplifying the complexity around their business and helping them make smart decisions around their money.

Personal Planning

We prudently incorporate personal planning into your business planning conversations. As your “total wealth manager,” we assist with managing both your liquid wealth and the wealth contained within your business.

Identify Value Gap

By determining your “value gap,” we’ll pinpoint the difference between what you receive for your business net of taxes and fees, and what’s needed to comfortably support your current and future lifestyle.

A Team of Experts

In addition to our expertise, we work closely with highly experienced partners including tax and accounting professionals to create a “virtual office” working on behalf of you and your business.

We help successful business owners make smart decisions around their money and their business so they can have the freedom to spend their time making the impact they are truly capable of.

Gain Valuable Insights From Respected Professionals

In this video, Dave interviews local attorney Travis Albea of the Forrest Firm to see how he is helping business owners with several hot topics.

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Six Step Process for Exit Planning

Step One:

Set Clear Goals

Step Two:

Determine Financial and Mental Readiness

Step Three:

Discover the Type of Investor You Most Resemble

Step Four:

Explore & Choose Your Wealth Management Options

Step Five:

Understand the Value of Your Options

Step Six:

Execute Your Personalized Plan to Reach Goals & Protect Your Wealth

Want to attain and enjoy a certain lifestyle while maintaining, growing and eventually exiting the business you built? When you partner with Milestone Wealth, we embrace best practices in managing every element of your financial plan to carefully guide you on your journey towards retirement.

Download the Guide Now

It is never too early to come up with a strategic plan on how to be more tax-efficient, make your money last, or even start saving for retirement.  The problem is, many don’t want to worry about this in the prime of their professional lives, or even have time to sit and plan all of it.  Download this guide to gain strategies for you and your business's financial future.

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