Helping business owners make smart decisions about their money is what we do. Freeing them to have the level of influence they are truly capable of is who we are.


The True Influence Formula

Find Your “WHO”s

Work with the right people that will implement your wealth plan with excellence. We work with your current professionals, including accountants, attorneys, insurance specialists, and more, to test strategies and make sure they produce the desired outcomes you are hoping for. 

If we determine together that your current professionals are unable to help you get to the next level you desire, we will help you find the professionals necessary.

Over time, we manage these relationships for you and help make adjustments to your plan based on economic, social, political and financial changes. 

What to Expect

client meeting wealth management process Milestone Wealth
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Second Opinion Service

Our Second-Opinion Service and Stress Test analyzes your entire financial picture and provides fresh eyes on your wealth management plan; including wealth enhancement, wealth preservation, wealth transfer and charitable giving. Through a two-meeting process, we’ll identify where you are today, where you want to be in your idea future and pinpoint the critical gaps in your financial plan. We’ll evaluate whether your current advisors are effectively addressing your wealth management needs. If so, we will recommend you stay with them. If not, we will deliver specific ideas with us or with another financial advising firm on better managing your money and plugging every gap in your plan. Either way, our goal is to point you in the direction of premier financial planning solutions for you to achieve your goals. See Key Benefits of Our Second-Opinion Service
When you work with Milestone Wealth, your family will soon be on a solid path to a more secure future. By empowering you to achieve your life goals and leave an enduring financial legacy, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a comprehensive wealth management and investing plan in place.