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Our goal is to work with a small
number of clients for whom we
can have a meaningful impact
on their lives.

Our Wealth Management Formula and Process

Only 6.6% of financial advisors actually use a wealth management business model. Wealth Management takes a comprehensive approach to address ALL issues of your financial picture, in addition to your investments.

N = 2,095 financial advisors
Source: CEG Worldwide, 2007.



When done properly it helps you make informed decisions to maximize the probability of achieving all that is important to you.

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Investment consulting addresses the top concern of affluent clients: preserving their wealth. It is the primary offering of most financial advisors.

Advanced planning addresses the four primary financial concerns beyond investment consulting:

  • Wealth Enhancement: Mitigating taxes and cash flow planning.
  • Wealth Transfer: Taking care of your heirs and those important to you.
  • Wealth Preservation: Preserve your assets from being unjustly taken.
  • Charitable Giving: Maximizing charitable impact.

Relationship management has two parts.

  • Client Relationship: working with you in a collaborative and consistent process.
  • Professional Team:
  1. Work with your existing professionals; i.e. attorney, CPA, insurance agent.
  2. Call on specialized experts when needed.
  3. Utilize our Professional Team to provide a 360 analysis of your situation.

Wealth Management Process

We present a customized Investment Plan and our Investment Policy Statement (IPS).  Both documents address what is most important to your future success, your investment process

We present a customized Investment Plan and our Investment Policy Statement (IPS).  Both documents address what is most important to your future success, your investment process.

We have now answered two questions; can we help you and are we a good fit for each other.  We now clarify what the relationship will look like going forward and commit together to work to achieve all your important goals.

We begin the processing of organizing your financial paperwork and your financial life.  We also review the progress we have made on your investment plan.

We present and prioritize the Advanced Plan which has input from our Professional Team in the four key areas; Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Transfer, Wealth Protection and Charitable Giving.


Second Opinion Service

89.7% of business owner found the personal financial second opinion service valuable vs. 65.7% who found a medical opinion valuable (AES Nation, LLC).  You most likely have an advisor; however, 4 out of 5 people with $1-20m in investable assets would consider changing advisors. If you want to see if you are on track then click below to schedule our second-opinion service.  This involves the first two meetings of our five-meeting process; the Discovery meeting and Investment Plan meeting.  After these two meetings, we’ll provide a detailed analysis ($5,000 value) that will confirm one of three things:
  1. You’re on the right track with your current advisor and plan.
  2. You have gaps in your plan, but we’re not the fit for you and we’ll refer you to someone who is.
  3. You have some holes, and we do think we’re the right firm to help you fill those holes and bridge those gaps in your plan.