Margo was born in Wellesley, Massachusetts, just outside Boston. Her mom was an alumnus of Wellesley College and coordinated special events at the school. Her dad was a Harvard graduate and an advertising executive.

Despite this educational pedigree, Margo struggled in school until 7th grade, when she was diagnosed with a learning disability. Luckily, her family pediatrician encouraged her parents to have her tested, as it was common at the time to regard a child struggling in school as simply “cute and dumb.” Margo overcame these challenges with private tutoring and a lot of hard work.

After two successful years in Junior College, Margo was accepted into Boston University to complete her undergraduate studies in Special Education. She studied at Columbia University, where she received her Master’s in Social Work. Margo had a rewarding career in special education and mental health.

While working at Stamford Mental Health Clinic in Connecticut, Margo met her second husband, Joe, the Chief of Cardiology at Bridgeport Hospital. Joe, a Fulbright Scholar, attended the Johns Hopkins Medical School and did his residency at Harvard Medical School. He had an esteemed career in the field, becoming one of the nation’s leading cardiologists.

He came to ECU in 1995, where he held several leadership positions. There is an endowed professorship in his name at ECU, where his legacy will live on for generations.

Joe’s role as a world-class cardiologist brought him to conferences worldwide, sharing best practices and engaging in intellectual discussions. Margo also enjoyed these trips to destinations in South America and Asia.

Their trip to Vietnam was particularly special, as Joe served as a battalion surgeon during the Vietnam War. Beyond his regular duties, Joe worked closely with local hospitals and orphanages to help provide life-saving medicine to the Vietnamese people. A bright spot of compassion amidst terrible conflict.

Joe camped in Ocracoke in the 70s and fell in love with the island. In 2004, Joe and Margo built a home and spent much time relaxing with their blended family.

Joe loved treats, and they would often enjoy ice cream while watching the sunset. Joe knew precisely when the sun was setting and would leave a restaurant in the middle of a meal to see it!

Margo has an active fitness routine, including a personal trainer and regular Pilates classes. She dabbles with art, including clay and painting, and loves playing Mahjong with friends.

She describes this as her “last chapter of life,” having just celebrated her 80th birthday. Her focus is making memories, leaving a legacy, and spending quality time with her grandchildren. “At this age, I love that I can be myself. I don’t need to be anybody different, and I’m very happy with where I am.”

Having enjoyed Margo as a Milestone Wealth client for over 10 years, we’re happy she’s here, too.